Design Star: Chopped Edition

Larson-Juhl is excited to bring you a new twist on our annual Design Star competition.

This year, we're thrilled to introduce Design Star: Chopped Edition, a framing competition designed around a mystery basket of "ingredients" - will you accept the challenge?

Contestants will compete against each other to frame the most spectacular design using the same ingredients. Like always, a panel of industry judges will choose their favorits, and we will crown a winner at the 2018 Design Star event at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo. The winner will receive a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice as well as $500 in moulding credit.

See the mystery framing ingredients below!

How to Enter

  • Register by September 15th. Registration has now closed.

  • Create your design using the mystery basket ingredients

  • Submit a high resolution photo of your design along with a description of all elements via our Design Star submission site.

Design Star: Chopped Edition

Important Information


  • Frame Moulding: Any profile from the Lancaster moulding collection.

  • Art: A print of "Faded Horizon I" by Grace Pop (provided)

  • Matboards: You must use at least one of the following Artique matboards: Costwold Grey - A84860, Ink - A4843, or Slate - A4706.

Remember, you can also add any other Larson-Juhl framing materials you'd like to use to create a spectacular design. Get creative!


  • Must incorporate all items from the mystery basket, including the print provided by Larson-Juhl

  • Only Larson-Juhl mouldings can be used

  • Must be registered to compete

  • One submission per designer, but multiple designers can submit from one store

  • All entries must be received on or before December 8, 2017 - DEADLINE EXTENDED

  • Can incorporate other Larson-Juhl materials in addition to basket ingredients


Your entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts. All judges will be announced at the awards presentation at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas. Judges may not enter the Design Star competition.

Winners of the Design Star: Chopped Edition will be announced at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas on January 23rd, 2018. You do not have to be present to win, but we hope to see you there! 


Q: Can designers use other components in addition to the mystery basket ingredients?

    A: Yes! Additional materials (prints, paintings, objects) may be incorporated into the design.

Q: When will the mystery basket be revealed?

    A: They mystery basket will be revealed on September 20th.

Q: Does the designer have to pay for the mystery basket print?

    A: No, Larson-Juhl will ship the mystery basket print to each contestant at no charge.

Q: Does the designer have to pay for the mystery basket ingredients?

    A: Yes, the designer is responsible for payment of ingredients, EXCEPT the for the print, but a one-time discount code for 10% will be provided once the mystery basket ingredients are revealed.

Important Information

Dates to Remember



Register to Attend Design Star 

More information will be posted soon about registration to attend the Design Star event. Our event will be Monday, January 22nd at 6PM. Check back soon for details!

Click here to register to attend the 2018 West Coast Art & Frame Expo.
Dates to Remember

2017 Design Star Category Winners

The 2017 Grand Prize Design Star Winner is Malia Bolt from Purple House Gallery in Gainesville, GA. As part of her prize, she is collaborating with the Larson-Juhl Design Team to create a new collection of frame mouldings. The new collection will be introduced at the West Coast Art & Frame Show on January 23, 2018. We hope to see you there!

Frame Design for Objects
The ultimate challenge - there's nothing we can't frame, right!? 
2017 Category Winner: Sara Applegate from Applegate Gallery in Vienna, VA.

Frame Design for Mirrors
Did you know millenials account for 51% of the mirror market? Attract a younger demographic with beautifully framed mirrors!
2017 Category Winner: Malia Bolt from Purple House Gallery in Gainesville, GA.

Frame Designs for Textiles
Stitchery, tapestries, quilts, oh my! One exception... jerseys, jackets, clothes, etc. should go in the Objects category, please!
2017 Category Winner: Christian Harwell from Cyrus Custom Framing in Canton,OH.

Frame Designs for Documents
Custom framing transforms documents to treasures - what was once hidden in a drawer becomes the center of attention on a wall. Hint: the artwork should be primarily words. Paper artwork belongs in a different category.
2017 Category Winner: Michael Gluckman from Around the Edge Unlimited in West Palm Beach, FL.

Frame Designs for Art on Canvas
This is the big show for float frames! However, all Larson-Juhl frames are free game, as long as the artwork is on canvas.
2017 Category Winner: Mark Richards from LightHaven in American Fork, UT.

Frame Designs for Art on Paper
This classic medium never ceases to impress - the 2016 Design Stars won in this category! 
2017 Category Winner: Christian Harwell from Cyrus Custom Framing in Canton, OH.

Frame Designs for Photography
Experts estimate that 1.7 TRILLION photographs will be taken in 2017! How do you inspire consumers to frame all those digital images? We can't wait to see your creative designs for photography!
2017 Category Winner: Mel Reeder from Accent Studio in Cherry Hill, NJ.

2017 Design Star Category Winners